The question that a lot of lash artists ask is how do I get more clients?

To this, I will ask how are your appointments run? 

A well-run appointment should include everything that is required for you to run a successful lash business. So many lash artists believe that the appointment begins when the client enters into your salon; however, this is not the case.

Well before the client has entered your doors, your customer service skills should have been executed purposefully. Once they arrive at their appointment, have you scheduled time to take pictures, have you asked for a referral, have you asked the client to book a refill and so much more? You need to set up systems that make you money. Not planning, not being strategic is losing you money and keeping a successful lash business away. 

Planning List

Always try to take clients as per the appointment basis that will make you look professional and you will understand your client’s behavior towards their beauty and their urgency which will help you to see how many customers can pay if you should consult them on other services based on their behavior. 

Try to fill walk-in properly without showing desperation & doing the job properly for example- Customer ask you for mega volume but you have time for volume set tell them nicely that you have other appointment and you don’t want to mess in hurry so either they can get service as per your time schedule or they should come later with an appointment.

Don’t skip filling of Consent form even if your client is your friend always consult them first and get your consultation form filled along with Picture update on social media approval which will save you from future issues. You have to consult them first and let them fill the consultation form later.

Always Take before photo and video if possible and save it for your content and also for proof to your client so that the difference before & after should be visible.

Talk your products and aftercare products as well if you retail. There are certain clients that have an allergic reaction to a certain product and being an expert it’s your job to find something that will work.

Be hygienic during your process wear a proper mask or shield cap over your face and gloves as well to give your client satisfaction of coming back to your place post-COVID-19.

 After providing service take pictures and be ready with your referral form so that customers will understand that this is a process and it’s professional as well. 

By doing all above you are leaving your professional impression on clients and there are 80% chances that clients are coming back to you but even after all these things the client isn’t’ coming back to you then I have another article for that problem as well all you need to do is to click the link below and find an answer for same.

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